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420DC Weekly Round Up: 6/30 - 7/7 1 2022


Embattled Cannabis Company MedMen Loses Its License In Virginia


California-based cannabis behemoths MedMen—recently revealed to be targeted by the Trump administration during an antitrust investigation—is teetering on the edge right now. What was not too long ago the largest and most valued cannabis company in the world, has been amid a public relations nightmare for months now and recently had its license revoked in the burgeoning medicinal cannabis state, Virginia. 


Maryland Cannabis Companies Called Out For Racism and Discrimination

420DC Weekly Round Up: 6/30 - 7/7 2 2022

Last week, a former employee of Baltimore County dispensary Charm City Medicus took to Twitter to describe how they were asked to remove the letters “BLM”—for Black Lives Matter—written on their cheek. The controversy went viral and led to responses from Charm City Medicus’ owner and a growing conversations about racism and discrimination within the cannabis industry that also implicated Curio Wellness and Dixie Brands.


What Washington D.C. Statehood Could Mean For Cannabis Justice


Last week, the House of Representatives approved legislation to make Washington D.C. the country’s 51st state. The vote would make the District and its 700,000 residents properly and fully represented and it would also likely make it much easier for a commercial cannabis industry to happen. The Outlaw Report looks at how statehood would help cannabis and unpacks a recent cannabis possession arrest of a D.C. resident in Virginia.

The Outlaw Report Podcast

The Outlaw Report Podcast Episode 03: Cannabis and Defunding The Police

420DC Weekly Round Up: 6/30 - 7/7 3 2022

In the third episode of The Outlaw Report podcast, Prohibited podcast founder Scott Cecil talks to The Outlaw Report’s Brandon Soderberg about racial justice and cannabis amid nationwide protests against police violence following the police killing of George Floyd.

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