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Headlines from 6/23-6/30

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Maryland’s Hemp Rush and Federal Changes To Hemp Banking

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The Outlaw Report catches-up with what has been happening with hemp. In Maryland, farmers have embraced hemp for its profit potential and some have become converts to its soothing and healing effects. Federally, the National Credit Union Administration is providing advice for credit unions interested in hemp banking and those in the military are still banned from using CBD.


Cannabis Reform And The Justice In Policing Act

420DC Weekly Round Up - 6-23-6-30 - bLast week, in response to the ongoing uprisings against police violence, Democrats in Congress introduced The Justice In Policing Act and some representatives, including California’s Lou Correa made sure to connect the bill to the need for cannabis reform. “Although cannabis reform in terms of its criminalization will not undue the practices that led to these demonstrations that we’re seeing today, decriminalizing cannabis will be a major step in the right direction,” he said.

West Virginia

West Virginia Medicinal Cannabis Program Considers Its 2021 Launch

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West Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board hosted a virtual meeting last week providing a number of updates on its infamously, slow-going program, which was approved in 2017 and is now scheduled for 2021. Among the issues discussed is the affordability of medicinal cannabis. “We are one of the most economically depressed states in the country,” patient advocate Rusty Williams said. “Has there been any discussion about adding whether or not to look at allowing patients to grow limited amounts for their own personal use?”

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