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Headlines from 6/16-6/23

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Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Meeting Addresses George Floyd, Rejects a Dispensary License

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At the first meeting of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission since March, the MMCC approved a number of regulatory changes, rescinded a dispensary license pre-approval (a rare move for the aggressively pro-business commission), and addressed its role in racial justice.

“Medical cannabis is really at the nexus of a lot of the areas where we see the greatest racial disparities in the country,” MMCC’s William Tilburg said.


Psychedelics Decriminalization Efforts in Washington D.C. Ramp Up

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The Outlaw Report continues keeping an eye on cannabis-adjacent organizing within Washington D.C. having to do with Initiative 81, which would decriminalize psychedelics. In its last move to make sure the initiative gets on the ballot, Decriminalize Nature D.C. has mailed a petition more than 220,000 households in the district. “In these uncertain times, engagement with local democracy is key to enacting real reform,” Decriminalize Nature D.C.’s  Melissa Lavasani said.


Baltimore’s Next Mayor and City Council President Are Pro-Cannabis

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Baltimore’s Democratic primary results are in (which in the deeply blue city pretty much always decides the General Election) and for cannabis advocates it’s especially good news: The next mayor, Brandon Scott, and next City Council President, Nick Mosby, have spoken out in favor of cannabis reform, equity, and legalization. 


Concerned About Racial Equity In The Cannabis Industry? Consult The Accountability List

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Cannaclusive, a website advocating for black representation in the legalized cannabis industry recently released The Accountability List. The list gathers cannabis and hemp companies and details whether or not they are black-owned, the number of black people employed, and the company’s comments (or lack thereof) about George Floyd, police violence, and Black Lives Matter. “We noted the silence of cannabis and hemp brands,” when it came to racial justice issue Cannaclusive’s Mary Pryor said.

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