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The Latest Local Cannabis Headlines from 5/7-5/13

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Enemy of cannabis advocates everywhere—but especially in Washington D.C.—Representative Andy Harris is back in the news for his bizarre takes on COVID-19 and his demands to “reopen Maryland.” The Outlaw Report looks at the connection between anti-science and anti-cannabis rhetoric and how he has been far kinder to those protesting stay-at-home orders than those protesting his anti-legalization stance a couple years ago.

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More from Virginia where cannabis reform keeps moving along. The Outlaw Report looks at the further expansion of Virginia’s medicinal cannabis program, which will now, thanks to Senate Bill 976 which allow approved dispensaries the ability to open additional locations, increase the number of dispensaries to 30. Meanwhile, some in Richmond City Council want to stop drug-testing current and prospective employees for cannabis.

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Last week, Maryland governor Larry Hogan vetoed a number of bills including an automatic expungement bill for cannabis convictions. The bill would have shielded an estimated 200,000 minor cannabis convictions, benefiting Marylanders who are often prevented from gaining employment or discriminated against in the hiring process because of charges related to cannabis. 

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In the latest episode of The Outlaw Report podcast, Prohibited podcast founder Scott Cecil talks to reporter Brandon Soderberg about how Maryland, Washington DC, and Virgina are dealing with cannabis during COVID-19. They discuss responses to cannabis laws by police during the pandemic and how the medicinal cannabis industry in Maryland and DC are dealing with COVID-19.

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