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COVID-19 Relief Bill Passed By House Allows Cannabis Banking

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The HEROES Act,the latest legislation to provide economic support during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was approved by the House of Representatives last week includes provisions for the SAFE Banking Act which allows banks to support cannabis businesses without fear of federal prosecution. Republicans in the Senate—where the HEROES Act is not expected to approve—have been up in arms. “It mentions the word ‘cannabis’ of all things—68 times more than the word ‘jobs,’” Mitch McConnell complained on Fox News.


Richmond Will No Longer Drug Test City Employees For Cannabis

 420DC Weekly Round Up: 5/19-5/26 1 2022

With a medicinal cannabis program on its way to Virginia, the Richmond City Council approved a resolution introduced earlier this month to no longer drug test employees for cannabis. “Within our city limits we have a medical marijuana distributor and pharmacist and so if we are going to allow for and encourage our citizens to use medicinal marijuana for medicinal purposes but then they could potentially face termination as a result of using that medicine, it seems to kinda run counterintuitive of what the state legislation intends to do,” said councilwoman Stephanie Lynch who proposed the resolution.


Dispensary Sales In Maryland Nearly Double Since April 2019

 420DC Weekly Round Up: 5/19-5/26 2 2022

Between April 2019 and March 2020, monthly medicinal cannabis sales in Maryland have jumped from $16,924,176 in April 2019 to $33,495,662 in March 2020. Most notably, one of the most significant increases in monthly sales occurred between February 2020 and March 2020, just as the public response to the COVID-19 pandemic was more pronounced and patients rushed to dispensaries and dispensaries were declared “essential.”



A Rundown of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s Regulatory Proposals

 420DC Weekly Round Up: 5/19-5/26 3 2022

On May 27, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission holds its Policy Committee meeting. In anticipation of the meeting, the MMCC has posted a number of its regulatory proposals which involve ancillary cannabis businesses, weeding out potential corruption between doctors and dispensaries, “Connor’s Courage,” streamlining licensing, and allowing out-of-state patients to use cannabis under very restrictive guidelines.

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