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Headlines from 12/8-12/15

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 420DC Weekly Round Up 12/8-12/15 1 2023


The MORE Act Passes

 420DC Weekly Round Up 12/8-12/15 2 2023

In a joint statement, the American Civil Liberties Union and Drug Policy Alliance applauded the vote and reflected on the historic nature of the bill and implications for social justice: “Today’s vote on the MORE Act made history.  Not only was it the first time a chamber of Congress has ever voted on and approved legislation to deschedule marijuana, it proves to lawmakers that we must continue to center equity and reparative justice when shaping drug policy,” said Maritza Perez, director of Drug Policy Alliance’s Office of National Affairs.



Beyond/Hello Dispensary Opens In Manassas

 420DC Weekly Round Up 12/8-12/15 3 2023

Beyond/Hello is also more than a dispensary with an educational stop—it is a vertically-integrated company, which means it does all of its own cultivation, processing and dispensing in one spot. The enormous building will be broken into two spaces, with 45,000 square feet used so far for commercial, and the other half dedicated to production.



Curio Wellness Announces ‘The Fund’

 420DC Weekly Round Up 12/8-12/15 4 2023

Curio Wellness, which has faced criticism over the past two years due to the cannabis company’s connections to right-wing Sinclair Broadcasting, and for filing a lawsuit challenging a state law encouraging diversity in the cannabis industry, has announced a funding program to support minority, medicinal cannabis business entrepreneurs. 



Talking About The MORE Act

 420DC Weekly Round Up 12/8-12/15 5 2023

In this episode of The Outlaw Report podcast, host Scott Cecil is joined by Mike Liszewski, friend of the show and inside expert on Capitol Hill on cannabis law and policy and drug policy reform more broadly. The U.S. House of Representatives approved The MORE Act, a bill to deschedule cannabis and end federal cannabis prohibition as we know it. Conversation centers on the ramifications of this historic moment and what is likely to happen in the U.S. Senate during the lame duck session and beyond. 


Quick Hit

Marijuana Research Act Gets a Vote This Week

 420DC Weekly Round Up 12/8-12/15 6 2023

Following the highly-publicized MORE Act vote, the House of Representatives will vote on another cannabis bill this week. This one, the Medical Marijuana Research Act, sponsored by Earl Blumenauer and noted cannabis reform enemy Andy Harris, will reduce the regulations that exist making it easier to get approved to research cannabis and increase the supply of cannabis provided to researchers.


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