420DC Weekly Round Up

Headlines from 12/15-12/22

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420DC Weekly Round Up 12/15-12/22 1 2023


Medical Marijuana Research Act Passes The House

420DC Weekly Round Up 12/15-12/22 2 2023

One of the bill’s cosponsors is Maryland Representative Andy Harris, known in cannabis circles for his vehement and disruptive opposition to cannabis: “Today’s passage of the Medical Marijuana Research Act is a far better approach than last week’s marijuana legislation that would legalize this substance across the U.S.,” Harris tweeted. “Our bill will allow for rigorous and reputable clinical research on the efficacy of medical marijuana, as well as other potential uses.  It’s critical we do the research first, because as a physician, anything that’s scientifically proven useful I want for my patients.”



Virginia Considers Legalization, Racial Equity

420DC Weekly Round Up 12/15-12/22 3 2023

Virginia seems to be taking these concerns a bit more seriously. Last week, the Virginia Mercury reported on elected officials approaching the issue. Virginia State Delegate Don Scott detailed the contrast between his visit to a medicinal cannabis dispensary and an incident just a few days later where he saw “a young brother get sentenced to five years for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.” 



Beyoncé Gives $10,000 to Black-owned MD Cannabis Company

420DC Weekly Round Up 12/15-12/22 4 2023

The $10,000, Beltsville, MD-based cannabis company The Gift explained, will be used toward a new sales platform, sustainable packaging for its products (hemp oil, hemp balm, hemp bath salts), and Project 545, The Gift’s “educational platform created by The Gift with the goal of educating the public on the biodiversity of plants and how Whole Plant Extractions can play a role in self-care.”  


Quick Hit

There Is a New Cannabinoid

420DC Weekly Round Up 12/15-12/22 5 2023

“This is a significant new discovery. We are the only company in the world who has figured out how to produce these Sesqui-Cannabinoids and filed a patent on them. This has the potential to be the next generation of highly active rare Cannabinoids,” Medican CEO Maxim Mikheev said in a press release. “All our Sesqui-Cannabinoids will have a significant amount of the attributes that are found in CBD, CBG, THCV and THCA but will also have some different attributes that could potentially make them significantly better.”

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