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Headlines from 11/24-12/1

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A Brief History of The MORE ACT

Cheryl Glenn

The MORE Act was co-sponsored in the Senate by Kamala Harris, now the Vice President elect, and the best chance of changing the mind of a cannabis legalization-averse Joe Biden. In preparation for the MORE Act vote in December, The Outlaw Report has gathered its coverage of the MORE Act.



A Brief History of Initiative 81


As many have noted, the real winner of this year’s election was drug decriminalization. A number of states voted to legalize cannabis, the state of Oregon voted to decriminalize all drugs, and in Washington D.C., plant-based psychedelics were decriminalized. The Outlaw Report has closely covered Initiative 81 and we have gathered our coverage for those who need to catch up.



Christina Henderson On Cannabis


“I think it is completely unfortunate and ridiculous that the Congress is continuing to block D.C. from being able to move forward with a tax-and-regulate system,” Henderson said. “That has created a patchwork system that we are currently dealing with where we still have not completely put the underground market out of business, which I think is still leading to the detainment and arrest of individuals.”



Scenes From An Expungement Clinic


“Because of the long history of disenfranchisement and the fact that there is a budding cannabis community here, this felt like the right place to come,” Jason White, the Chief Marketing Officer for the Select cannabis brand told The Outlaw Report. “Specifically to lead expungement and start people on the journey to be able to participate in this community.”

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