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Headlines from 10/27-11/3

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The First Dispensary in D.C. To Unionize


The first Black-owned dispensary in D.C. is also the first to unionize. As excited employees looked on, Norbert Pickett, CEO and owner of DC Holistic Wellness signed the 5-year bargaining contract with United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 400. “Here at DC Holistic Wellness, we want our workers to have a career, not look at this as a job,” Pickett said. “We’re an emerging market, so It’s important we have a highly trained workforce that’s very knowledgeable.”



Maryland’s Proposed Regulations For Edibles


Due to fees and permits alone, the introduction of edibles into the medicinal cannabis market will provide the MMCC with $18,000 more in revenue. Additionally, the number of medicinal cannabis patients in Maryland, which as of the end of September was at 117,000 people, will likely also increase now that edibles will soon be possible to purchase: “The Commission anticipates an indeterminable increase in the number of medical cannabis patients, who may not currently be seeking treatment due to the unavailability of certain products.”



Dropped Weed Charges More Likely Thanks to Northam


With only one minor amendment, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has returned the bill which would prevent police from searching people’s cars solely due to cannabis smell to the House and Senate. Meanwhile, Northam signed into law a bill that would prevent judges from overruling the wishes of prosecutors and defense attorneys when both sides agree a charge should be dismissed.


Quick Hit

Can Kamala Harris Push Biden on Legalization?


You probably watched 60 Minutes to see the President angrily walk off but if you stuck around, you all saw a minor—though still somewhat encouraging—moment where Kamala Harris suggested she would try and push Joe Biden on cannabis legalization.



ABRAcadabra: Dank Deliveries, Cannabis For Cops

420DC Weekly Round Up 10/27-11/3 1 2023

Scott, Shabnam, and Brandon of The Outlaw Report discuss the continued easing of restrictions for cannabis delivery in the District, a new law in Virginia preventing the alleged smell of cannabis from leading to a vehicle search, and Maryland’s recommendation to ease restrictions of prior cannabis use for law enforcement recruits.

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