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Headlines from 10/13-10/20

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 D.C. Loosens Dispensary Delivery Restrictions


In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Washington D.C. has expanded allowances for medicinal cannabis dispensaries to delivery. Dispensaries can now deliver in up to three vehicles (previously it was one vehicle) and can deliver between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. “The increased demand for qualifying patients to obtain medical cannabis by delivery has demonstrated the need for greater flexibility as it relates to the number of delivery vehicles that dispensaries are permitted to deliver medical cannabis and the hours in which qualifying patients and caregivers can have medical cannabis delivered,” ABRA said in a statement.



Bills Stopping Cops From Searching Cars Because Of Cannabis Smell Goes To Governor


Both Virginia’s House and Senate have passed bills that prevent law enforcement from using the smell of cannabis to search Virginians’ vehicles. House Bill 5058 and Senate Bill 5029 now go to Virginia governor Ralph Northam to sign. NORML’s Jenn Michelle Pedini praised the bills passing but stressed that cannabis legalization (something Governor Northam has not supported in the same way that he supports decriminalization) is the most significant step forward for reducing racist policing of cannabis.



Cannabis Use For Cops In Maryland Got Less Complicated


Maryland’s House Workgroup to Address Police Reform and Accountability, established after the police killing of George Floyd, voted on a number of measures last week including one that would not disqualify people who have used cannabis in the past from applying to be police officers. The specifics have not been worked out yet, but advocates say loosening cannabis use restrictions for cops expands the pool of people that can potentially apply to be cops.



Episode 08: Outdoor Grows, Racial Woes, and Congressional Nos

420DC Weekly Round Up 10/13-10/20 1 2023

In the latest episode of The Outlaw Report podcast, host Scott Cecil talks to Outlaw Report writers Brandon Soderberg and for the first time, newcomer to the site Shabnam Danesh. The three discuss the latest developments (or lack thereof) pertaining to the MORE Act, Shabnam’s fascinating article about the environmental benefits to outdoor cannabis growing, what Baltimore County-ites are up to in their ongoing battle against hemp smells, and more.


Quick Hit

West Virginia Approves Dispensaries


West Virginia has approved its first 10 medicinal cannabis cultivators: Armory Pharmaceutical of Maryland; Blue Ridge Botanicals of Texas; Buckhannon Grow of Ohio; Columbia Care of New York; Harvest Care Medical of Maryland; Holistic Industries in Massachusetts; Mountaineer Holding of West Virginia; Mountaineer Integrated Care of Pennsylvania; Tariff Labs of West Virginia; and Verano Holdings of Illinois. The approvals are years in the making—West Virginia approved its medicinal cannabis program back in 2017.

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