420DC Weekly Round Up

Headlines from 1/26-2/2

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420DC Weekly Round Up 1/26-2/2 1 2023


Cannabis Bill Round-Up

420DC Weekly Round Up 1/26-2/2 2 2023

A cannabis legalization bill introduced by Governor Northam and top state Democrats is moving through the statehouse, along with a handful of other proposed cannabis bills in the 2021 Virginia General Assembly Session. The legislation deals with a wide range of topics including cannabis oil processing, taxing the new market, and record expungement. 



Maryland Considers Decriminalizing An Ounce Of Cannabis…Again

420DC Weekly Round Up 1/26-2/2 3 2023

Senate bill sponsor Sen. Waldstreicher said in his testimony “many of us believe that the solution here is to fully legalize personal amounts of cannabis, but standing up an entirely new industry during a session over Zoom is unlikely, so we need a bridge, a bridge that takes us from where we are now to the possibility of full legalization.” 



Trump’s Last-Minute Cannabis Clemencies


President Donald Trump’s last-minute pardons of 143 people included 12 people currently or formerly incarcerated for cannabis and speaks to the way cannabis—which is currently legalized in 15 states (plus Washington D.C.) and decriminalized in 16 states—is perceived even among the “law and order,” anti-cannabis Trump administration. 



Anti-Cannabis Andy Harris Brought a Gun Into the Capitol Last Week?


Harris set off the metal detectors placed there the day after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, he walked away from the metal detectors and then attempted to give fellow Republican John Katko the gun. Katko refused. Harris then returned without the gun, did not set off the metal detector, and went onto the House floor.



What’s Next for Cannabis Reform in the DMV?


For the Season One finale, Scott and Brandon reflect on cannabis reform in 2020 and the recent coup attempt at the Capitol. They go on to discuss what’s next for cannabis reform in 2021 in the DMV, including the implications of potential DC statehood and the legalization bills working their ways through the legislatures in Maryland and Virginia.

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