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Headlines from 1/12-1/19

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What The Senate Flip Means For Federal Cannabis Decrim

420DC Weekly Round Up 1/12-1/19 1 2023

For the first time in U.S. history, the White House and both chambers of Congress will be controlled by Democratic party leaders who support decriminalizing cannabis at the federal level. Last week’s victories of Senator-Elects Jon Ossoff and Pastor Raphael Warnock secured Democrats’ control of the senate, a big step in the right direction towards Congress passing legislation to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level in 2021. Back in July, Senator-Elect Ossoff told CNBC, “The prohibition of this substance is irrational. It’s hugely expensive. It has a terrible human toll.” 



Can Virginia Prosecutors Drop Cannabis Cases?


“As Commonwealth Attorney Dehghani-Tafti has indicated, her move to drop petty marijuana cases was in line with the opinion of the Virginia General Assembly as it was moving forward in 2020 with passing decriminalization legislation,” Virginia NORML’s Jenn Michele Pedini said.



MD Democrats: Resign Should Resign


“We the undersigned members of the Maryland General Assembly, believe that you have disgraced yourself, your state, and your country. We have heard from constituents who would like us to pass a resolution of censure against you. As our censure process is reserved for members of our body we are not able to do so. But we add our voices to the chorus of your constituents who have called for you to resign.”


Quick Hit

In Praise Of John Fetterman


In a Dec. 8 op-ed titled, “Get with the program. Legalize weed.,” Fetterman discussed the MORE Act, argued for legalization, highlighted the absurdity of current drug laws (not to mention drug stigma), and even called cannabis, “the outlaw plant”: “Decades ago, our country outlawed a plant. This plant, then as now, has never resulted in a single overdose death. Since the plant is an outlaw, you’ll be branded one if you’re unlucky enough to get arrested for casually consuming it. What a profoundly odd and destructive national fixation — one that seems more like superstition than rational argument.”

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