Thanksgiving is a time to come together with those you love, be thankful for the good in your lives, and chow down on an excellent meal. Why can’t it also be a time to enjoy some cannabis strains as well?

The days leading up to Thanksgiving, even the last few hours, can be stressful. What with food preparations, travel plans, any last-minute work assignments you so desperately want to get out of the way so you don’t have to worry about them during the holiday. Especially in these still trying times. So why not throw in some cannabis, if that’s your preference and your state has legalized it for recreational use?

Here are some cannabis strains that can go well with the Thanksgiving holiday and the likely copious amount of food you will be enjoying.

Cannabis Strains to Enjoy with Thanksgiving


Not to be confused with the other herb that you use in cooking (though there might be a few cannabis cooking recipes that SAGE works well in), its name is short for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. SAGE is a hybrid strain consisting of a cross between Haze and an Indica. It’s known to have an energetic effect which could go well when trying to oppose a turkey and other foods-induced coma.

And yes. They did somehow come up with an accurate acronym that matches the strain’s sage-like flavor and aroma.

Cherry Pie

In addition to turkeys and stuffing, Thanksgiving is also remembered with pies. Pies of all kinds. Pumpkin pie. Sweet potato pie. And in this case, Cherry Pie, though it’s not the kind of pie you bake… in an oven.

As a hybrid Cherry Pie’s heritage includes Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. It is particularly known for its capacity to both make you feel relaxed and very hungry. Two things that fit perfectly with Thanksgiving. Especially if you want to just get that little extra bit of dessert on top of the other delicious food.

Cannabis Strains Recipe to Try

OG Kush

While relatively speaking Thanksgiving may not be one of the oldest holidays on the books it does have the old-timey feel (thanks to generations of carefully cultivated ad and greeting card campaigns). So for a holiday that feels like an old classic you should try an old classic of a strain. OG Kush.

A well-known hybrid strain dating back to the ’90s and coming out of Northern California, the OG Kush has a pedigree that likely includes Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, and Chemdawg. In terms of effects, it will usually leave smokers with a sense of upliftment without affecting functionality. The buzz that accompanies it has been described as pleasant and laid back, which is perfect for washing away the stress endemic to the holidays.

Northern Lights

After the excitement of the day, the good food, and the excellent company it can sometimes be difficult to wind down. Especially after the post-meal lethargy has worn off. This is where Northern Lights can come in to help you bleed off some of that lingering energy.

An Indica strain made from crossing the strains Thai and Afghani, Northern Lights has a whole-body euphoric effect that relaxes the muscles and helps settle the mind.

As always, smoke and enjoy responsibly.

What strains do you enjoy with Thanksgiving?

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