While recreational cannabis is still illegal in West Virginia, the state does a few notable CBD  dispensaries and smoke shops. Although medicinal cannabis is not yet legal in West Virginia, you can still get CBD flower and oils that can help you with a variety of symptoms. We put together our 4 favorite CBD dispensaries in WV and if you don’t know what products are right for you then get a cannabis consultation to help you determine whats best.

Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis Dispensaries to Check

  1. The Purple Leaf

With 5 out of 5 stars on Google and on its Facebook page, The Purple Leaf is definitely a great choice, especially with its variety of products and valuable promotions. The shop carries different CBD-infused products including pain relief balms, topical patches, 25mg capsules, and Green is the New Black Tinctures. It also carries different vape cartridges such as its popular Durban Poison juice.

You can also score some of their most famous flowers like Sour Space Candy. If you like getting good deals, you will love The Purple Leaf’s promotion which lets you get 20% off during special days such as Mother’s Day.

Check the social media page of the dispensary for any update. Click here

  1. Panhandle Cannabis Company

This local business is evidently active on social media, holding a CBD Educational Workshop for its customers. Along with educational content, Panhandle Cannabis Company also excels in advocating the use of cannabis-infused treatment aids for qualifying conditions such as fibromyalgia.

You can check out their products such as CBD Candy, oils and soft-gel capsules, which were made from legal hemp. If you need buds, then this dispensary also got you covered. Just make sure that you order at the right time as the shop carries varying strains which changes on a weekly basis.

Cannabis Dispensaries to Check
Cannabis Dispensaries to Check
  1. Appalachian Cannabis Company

A veteran-owned dispensary, Appalachian Cannabis Company is dedicated to providing safe medical marijuana products for individuals who require such treatment aids. The shop boasts of CBD-rich products and a wide selection of items created to help achieve a higher level of health and wellness, while working with the medical and law enforcement communities in West Virginia.

You can get an infused hand sanitizer, sport spray, cigarettes and salves. It also carries different types of tinctures such as full-spectrum and pure CBD. Moreover, you can get some products for your pets as they sell pet shampoos and pet-friendly tinctures.

  1. Coalfield Cannabis Glass Shop & Dispensary

Say, you have found the best buds for your needs and you are now looking for paraphernalia that can help you get the best medical experience. Coalfield Cannabis Glass Shop & Dispensary is your best bet. This cannabis store carries a series of pipes and bongs all made of glass – even colored ones! You can also snag some great products from their site, so make sure to check them out.

Getting your hands on medical cannabis products in West Virginia can be easy and fun if you know where to go. Now that you know which dispensaries you should check out, make sure to plan your purchase accordingly for good measure.

Come to Washington DC

Since there is no legal medical marijuana in West Virginia you can always take a 2 hour drive to DC and get some of the best cannabis in the country. You don’t need a medical card and you can get your weed many different ways. If you decide to make it a vacation you can get it delivered straight to your hotel. But if you want to get it in person you can check out one of the many smoke shops or daily events that take place in DC. All you need is to bring an ID showing you are over 21 and you’re good to go. If you don’t know what products are right for you then get a cannabis consultation before you come.

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