Cannabis has had a rocky relationship with society when it comes to the modern era, starting as a taboo, illegal substance with many negative associations into something that has garnered more positive light and attention in recent years. Even though cannabis is on the rise when it comes to popularity and acceptance, with various states looking to amend certain laws and regulations regarding cannabis, it wasn’t like that back in the 60s,  70s, and 80s. 

Cheech and Chong’s movies represent and showcase the counterculture movement and free love era that was going on at that time. These movies sparked major shifts within the movie and comedy industries, paving the way for an entire generation of stoner movies to follow. If there truly was a Stoner Movie Hall of Fame, Cheech and Chong movies would deserve mention and recognition. 

For individuals interested in learning more about Cheech and Chong movies, stay tuned. This article explores 3 reasons why Cheech and Chong movies are a must-watch for any stoner while also including some background information on the infamous creators and their unique, stoner-fueled works of art. 

What Are Cheech and Chong Movies?

cheech & chong movies

When discussing Cheech and Chong movies, the first thing of mention must be the two creators, Cheech Martin and Tommy Chong. These two creators and comics met in unique circumstances. While one Tommy Chong was a Canadian citizen, the other, Cheech Martin, had just moved from California as a means to escape the draft for the Vietnam War. Once the pair linked up and meshed their creative forces, they started small. Performing and creating small-scale comedy record albums and a series of low-budget films, both men did not see mainstream success until their first feature-length film. 

The very first film by Cheech and Chong is known as Up in Smoke which was released in 1978. The movie exploded at the box office, bringing in around 44 million dollars and placing Cheech and Chong both in the limelight. To follow up their first major success, they created two more movies known as Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie (1980) and Nice Dreams (1981). The subsequent movie that followed did not garner as much success or notoriety, and, after some time, both creators decided to switch gears, departing from their normal stoner comedy with 1984’s Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers

Their most recent installment was an animated movie that dropped back in 2014 called Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie

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Why Are The Cheech and Chong Movies So Popular?

cheech & chong movies

Cheech and Chong movies may not have the same popularity, notoriety, or depth as some other “cult classics” like The Breakfast Club or Goodwill Hunting, as they are much more humorous and laid back than the latter, but they remain comedic masterpieces in the hearts of die-hard stoners. The movies themselves represent the essence of the counterculture movement as well as the free love and drug era, in a different light than most other films. The films mark a snippet in time that can still leave viewers laughing and provides a great series of movies to watch during group smoke sessions. 

The movies may not be Oscar-worthy, but they represent a different era in time when cannabis was not viewed in the same light as it is now. These movies garnered cult followers of stoners who felt a level of relatability and humor within the movies, as some still do to this day. What the Cheech and Chong movies represented back then are found echoing in the 2008 film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, Pineapple Express, among many other stoner-related films in recent years.

3 Reasons Why Every Stoner Must Watch Cheech and Chong Movies

For anyone to truly consider themselves a real stoner or cannabis lover, not only do they have to consume marijuana but also immerse themselves in the culture of the cannabis industry. The art, movies, poems, books, stories, YouTube videos, recipes, and so much more are an extension of the industry’s spirit to stick around and push through adversity while innovating and creating along the way. 

Any cannabis lover looking for a reason to jump back in time and revisit some 1970s and 80s cannabis humor, Cheech and Chong movies are the only place to start. Although there are some hits and misses within the lineup, there are still some laughs to be had and some moments that might be all too relatable. 

Cheech and Chong Movies Are Somewhat Of A Cult Classic

cheech & chong movies

The first reason stoners and cannabis connoisseurs alike should watch and revisit the Cheech and Chong movies is because of the cult following they garnered in their prime and continue to do to this day. The movies are iconic and have found their way into the fictional Stoner Hall of Fame. Some aspects of the humor may be outdated, but overall, the movies are fun and refreshing, showcasing a unique sense of humor and creativity. 

The Stoner-Filled Shenanigans & Humor Is Still Relevant

As mentioned previously, even though the movies may be outdated in certain regards, there are traces of stoner-filled humor that ring true to this day. There are certain experiences or moments that all stoners share in one form or another and these movies capture that in a comedic twist. 

And, even though a lot of progress has been made since the movies came out and the stance on cannabis has lightened over time, there are still those people in certain generations that remember having to dance on eggshells or deal with cannabis’ taboo nature, having their fair share of intense or interesting weed stories. Overall, the humor and relatability within the movies can still be felt and appreciated even after a few decades have passed since they first hit the scene. 

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It’s A Snapshot Back In Time When Cannabis Was Still Taboo 

It should be expressed that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, in recent years, regarding cannabis legislation and incarceration, but leaps and bounds have been made when compared to the stance back in the 1970s and 80s that are represented in the Cheech and Chong movies. Not only did cannabis itself has a bad rap, but individuals who smoked cannabis a.k.a. Stoners were treated with the utmost scrutiny and viewed as lazy hippies going against the grain of normal culture and society.

It was a tough time being a stoner back then, but these movies show the lighthearted way cannabis enthusiasts bent the rules and still enjoyed their fair share of weed. Any true cannabis connoisseur with a taste for the classics, the Cheech and Chong movies are a must-watch!

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