With cannabis legal in the United States capital, it can be pretty exciting – and downright overwhelming – to find which cannabis strain suits not just your taste and personality, but also ones that would go well with DC and its unmatched beauty.  

If you are planning to visit the capital anytime soon or simply want to venture out of your comfort zones, learning more about the different cannabis strains and varieties might be up your alley. To help shed insight on this, we have compiled a list of some of the best and most popular marijuana strains in Washington, D.C. To know more, read on.  

Cannabis Strains to Try in DC

Grand Daddy Purple 

Touted as the grandfather of all cannabis strains, this indica variant is said to boast of its full-bodied effects that make any user have a blissful and relaxing experience. With hints of grape and notes sweet berries and marshmallows, this indica variety is often preferred by individuals who want to have a strong euphoric sensation for the rest of the evening.  

Made with approximately 20 to 27% THC and around 1% of CBD, the Grand Daddy Purple variety is designed to address a number of medical conditions, such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, stress, and many more. Users who get their hands on this purple creation will surely have a grand time feeling the effects wash over their mind and body.  

Cannabis Strains to Try

Girl Scout Cookies 

For individuals who are just new to cannabis, a great beginner-friendly alternative would be Girl Scout Cookies. Known for its addicting flavors, such as sweet and floral-tasting cotton candy with the brightness of mind, this variety is not one to be missed.  

While its flavors and aromas are certainly intriguing, you’ll find that once used, it gives off a slightly sweet and spicy smell, similar to the OG Girl Scout Cookies that you have had back in your childhood.  

Wedding Cake 

Weddings and married life are all about spiciness and fiery passion – and this is exactly what you’ll get from the Wedding Cake variety. Think sugar, spice, and everything nice as you take in notes of pepper combined with a sweet, earthy flavor that perfectly punctuates with every exhale.  

No walk in the park, Wedding Cake boasts of a strong and heady 27% THC, making it a stronger strain against others in the spectrum. Despite its higher THC percentage, it’s said to take users on an all-time high and a new level of bliss – just what married life and weddings are like. Apart from bringing on a euphoric and calming feeling, it also relieves pain and is known to help manage anxiety and depression 

The Bottom Line 

With these three strains, it’s easy to see why these have become popular not just in Washington, D.C. as the capital of the United States, but also in other parts of the nation. Apart from its numerous benefits, the flavors also bring something unique and unforgettable to the table. If you are interested in trying any or all of these varieties, make sure to check with your local dispensary in D.C. and they might just hook you up with these strains.  


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