The time has finally come to toss the dab torch to the side and take advantage of an easier way to enjoy consuming cannabis concentrates.

The Puffco Peak is an innovative portable vaporizer that offers a better experience in many ways. Keep reading to learn the 10 ten benefits this smart dag rig has that makes it well worth the price.

1. User-Friendly Setup

The Puffco Peak is something anyone can set up and use in a few steps. The first step involves removing the glass bubbler and filling it with water just over the air holes. After you finish loading it with water, you return it back to its original position then press and hold the power button to turn it on.

After that, you remove the plastic cap and add your cannabis concentrate to the bottom and click on the button once more to heat it. The vaporizer immediately flashes, and you can start vaping once it is complete.

2. It’s Quick and Easy

The Puffco Peak is a handheld masterpiece that is both easy to use and convenient.

It’s a dab rig that is a combination of a portable vape pen and e-nail you can use with oil or wax concentrate. Many users will be happy to know that Puffco Peak can heat up in 20 seconds compared to other dab rigs that take 2-3 minutes. This means less waiting around which most people appreciate.

3. It’s Simple to Clean

The Puffco Peak glass is very simple to clean when you complete a session. After you finish, you only need to focus on cleaning the ceramic bowl and the glass piece.

Although you could wash and clean these two pieces with soap and water to get rid of build-up and bacteria, you can use alcohol-based wipes or cotton tips to provide the same clean. You will be done with the cleaning job within seconds.

4. It’s Customizable

The Puffco Peak is a vaporizer you can control to your liking.

You can add your desired amount of cannabis you want. Thanks to its smart technology, you can add what you want, and the machine will automatically adjust the heat times for you. Still, you do have the choice to control the temperature you want.

Most cannabis users may prefer to put the machine at the highest setting backing it offers the thick, big clouds that are enjoyable. Others may prefer a lower temperature setting because it provides the best taste and is the most soothing on the throat.

The customization allows you to figure out which temperature you like best when you are dabbing.

5. There’s No Unpleasant Odor or Taste

Any device you use to add your cannabis concentrate mustn’t alter the taste or create a foul odor.

The Puffco Peak not only maintains the quality of the cannabis concentrate, but it also helps enhance the flavor. The taste of the cannabis you add to the machine is not impacted in any negative way.

puffco peak vape

6. It’s Perfect for Travel

The Puffco Peak is a portable dab rig you can take with you anytime you are on the go and do not have the time to visit a smoke shop. Cannabis users who plan to use the device at home also appreciate the compact size because it does not take a lot of space.

You can move around with it at home or anywhere else when you need it — just put it in your backpack.

7. Superb Design

The Puffco Peak got its name after its conical design that is similar to a mountain peak. It has a plastic cap you can easily remove to add your oil and wax concentrate for use.

The product has an extra LED light at the base that is resistant to the heat needed to vaporize the cannabis concentrate. The system will not break or crack after repeated use.

The handy machine will also vibrate once it finishes heating the cannabis concentrate. Although the heating is quick, receiving a notification is helpful.

8. Versatile Temperature Settings

In order to maintain the flavor and quality of the cannabis you use, using the right temperature is important. You can control the temperature with the click of a button. You can determine which level you are on by looking at the different colors that illuminate from the LED light at the bottom of the system.

When you have a small load, you should use the low setting (at 450 degrees). The color for low loads is blue. When you have a medium load, you should use a medium temperature level (at 550 degrees). The color of the LED light will be green.

Use the high setting for larger cannabis loads (at 550 degrees). You will notice the LED light turns orange. For cannabis users that are more generous with how much they add and prefer much larger loads, use the peak temperature (at 600 degrees). The LED light will show as gray.

9. It’s Long-Lasting

When you purchase a product that is on the pricey side, you expect that product to work well and last you a long time.

The Puffco Peak offers both, and you can use the product often and on a long-term basis. The battery charges completely in as little as 2 hours and provides 4-6 full sessions. This is about 30 dabs for every full charge.

10. The Quality Is to Die for

The best benefit Puffco Peak offers is in the quality of its construction. You are able to receive amazing vapor quality for cannabis via the powerful water filtration system.

No matter what temperature or setting you choose, the portable machine will always maintain the flavor of your cannabis. It is also made out of strong, durable material.


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Puffco Peak Is the Only Vaporizer Your Need

From the ease of use to superb quality, the Puffco Peak is a product that cannabis connoisseurs are sure to love.

If you are looking for a fast, discreet, and intelligent product that does all the hard work for you, the Puffco Peak is a perfect choice. Reviews aside, you can learn more about  which strains are the best by  checking out our blog.

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